how do hgv 2 and hgv 1 jobs differ

The hgv driver training should be given to a driver so that he is able to drive in all types of weather changes and tough conditions. The trained drivers are able to handle the certain road conditions and varying circumstances. In order to find out driving jobs leads job or hgv class1 jobs, a person should list themselves on special job portals and in online jobs news updates websites.

In the course of driving training plan, the driver is out to potential dangers which may be experience while driving. In hgv guidance, the drivers are trained to take an account about different visibility conditions, the tuning of their vehicle speed according to the situation and various roads.

The difference between hgv 2 and hgv 1 is of license. The hgv 2 drivers are amore trained and are able to face almost every problem related to travelling.

Average salary for hgv class 2 jobs

The average salary of hgv class 2 jobs is £31,787. The hgv driving job is hard and rough, and the quantity of money given for this is not much. People who love to drive and are able to remain alert and fresh for a complete day are able to do hgv class 2 jobs. Lorry driving jobs occupy only those drivers who hold a license of heavy automobile and are physically strong.

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